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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We take ownership to securely use your personal information, please read the below information to know how your information would be used for what purpose.

Note: This policy could be changed in future without any public notice, so if you want to be aware about any alteration, then please check the policy in regular intervals. By accessing our website and becoming a registered customer you acknowledge to obey the terms and condition of the policy.


1.  Accumulation of Personal identifiers and information:

  • The moment you access this website, we gather and depot your personal information submitted by you at every access to the website. Our objective behind doing this is to provide you a better experience on our website, we make your task more easier by collecting the information, so as an output we would be able to satisfy you according to your needs and if later on you visit our website again you would not have to start the same process again, we would provide you the services in accordance with your requirement, choices and taste.
  • Although, you can run through our website without revealing your identity, but once you  introduce yourself and register with us, you do not remain stranger. While collecting the information we provide fields which are mandatory and some information is optional to submit,  it is always your consent to decide whether you want to submit the information or not, or in case you want to use any particular service so you always have a choice.
  • On our website, we record your information regarding the whole transaction, such as address of receiving person, name, message to be written on cake, mobile number etc.
  • The information collected is to smoothen the process of delivering the products, we record this information to provide customer support, resolve conflicts if any through legal process. We gather personal identifiers like email ids, name, mobile number at the time of registration, you can run through our website without being a registered member but when you want to purchase something from our website then you need to complete the registration process. We use your contact number and other personal information to send greetings on special occasions like festivals or birthdays, anniversaries of your beloved ones. 


2.  Use of Demographic / Profile Data / Your Information:

  •  The personal information is used to render services as per your needs. The information is used to promote our offerings to you, there is always a choice in your hand if you don’t want to entertain this kind of process then we ensures you will get the option to avoid such things. We require the information to remove the challenges in services, conflict resolution, delivering products, collecting cash, tracking consumer satisfaction, to make you aware about the offers on products and services, refrain from criminal activities and impose our rules and regulations. We collect the information to provide consistency and improvements in catering the services.


3.  Sharing of Personal Information:

  • Your personal information can be shared with IT security departments to forbid Identity frauds, fake ids and other possible illegal activities; avoid abuse ill-use of our services. Your personal information can be revealed in case law, court orders or other legal mandates enforces us to do so in a belief that such revelation is required to enforce our policies and regulations; or personal security of our registered members. 


4.  Customer always have an Option to Opt Out:

  • We assume that it is customers consent to provide personal information and receive promotional emails and messages from us. If customer feels this kind of information is not relevant to him/her then please drop us a message at these Email id- support@wanors.com and mobile number: +91- 9081112666 


5.  Queries? Doubts/Suggestion

  • If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, please forward the same at: support@wanors.com or contact us on +91- 9081112666 


6.  Consumer’s Acceptance

  • The moment you complete your registration on our website, you agrees to the information recording and use of the information you have revealed on our website in conformity with our privacy policy. In future if we change this policy, we will update all the changes on our page so as to keep you aware about our process of collecting information and purpose of the same.