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Why Wanors?

Why Wanors?


Let’s understand this in a very simple manner….


Fresh Cakes:  We prepare cakes only on order, so there isn’t any chance of stale (No longer fresh) Cake which usually other bakeries do.

Time Saving: If you buy from us online then we will save your time, as you don’t have to visit the shop again & again for placing & Bringing the order. Wanors is ready to ship the product of your choice at your doorsteps.

Free ShippingIf you choose other bakeries then you have to visit twice, which according to our calculation will cost you extra money for buying a cake but here at Wanors.com we are just charging you for the cakes up to 3 kg and above 3 kg delivery is free, we are saving your petrol expenses by giving free deliveries of products.

Free knife and colorful candles with a fire candle: You don’t have to purchase Candle & Knife. Here at wanors we provide u free knife and candles with 1 fire candle with any of your ordered cake to save your money and make your celebration memorable.

Free Crown : Wanors.com Love Babies, love to show the concern towards the babies. Wanors will give free Crown to birthday girl or boy. (age limit : should be below 12 years)

Midnight Delivery: wanors is the ready to provide midnight delivery of cakes and chocolates, it is all about making the celebrations more special.

Wide varieties: We have more number of cakes in our display (i.e. our website) than any other bakery in Ahmadabad, so you just don’t have to compromise with the cakes which are available, you have the choice of selecting your own cake from Wanors.com, other bakeries sell what they want to sell but we sell only those products which you want to buy.

Designer cakes: We have lot of designer cakes which other bakeries can’t even think to provide, and even customer won’t have seen those kind of cakes in displays of other bakeries in Ahmadabad.

Building Relationship: We are looking forward to build a relationship with our customers when you visit us again, you don’t have to introduce yourself again.

Discounts: Wanors.com  appreciate the trust shown by its customers if a customer comes for a certain amount of repeated purchase then it arranges good deals and discounts for them.